Week 14 (2/14-2/20)...or what Lauren did while Ransom was in Texas

After replacing the transducer and re-splashing Vitte, we moved back into slip 17 with a new found confidence and drive.

We were ready to start moving aboard!

However, this was also the week that Ransom would fly to Houston, TX for work.  Looks like it’s up to Lauren!

This week’s projects:
  • Finished painting aft cabin
Finally stopped procrastinating and got the job done

  • Installed galley shelves
Those other pieces to the right, no idea where they go

Ready for shelf "paper" and food stuff

  • Rearranged tools and hardware and moved to aft cabin
OMG, a cabin not completely filled with tools!
  • Cut non-skid shelf paper for cubbies and shelves
  • Unpacked galley
"Nested" glassware
You know you're jealous of our Darth Vader spatula

  •  Unpacked books
It took me multiple tries to get them all in and situated properly
  • Charlie came with me all week (no Rei) and I think it really helped him get used to the boat
He's just a little guy (*sob*) in a big 'ol world!
  • Removed charts for inspection and cleaned chart drawer.  Found the original boat plans mixed in with the stack of charts
  • Ransom flew home Friday night, so the weekend held more serious projects:
  • Rewired port nav light
  • Cut vent hole for refrigeration unit
  • Installed fan and condenser for ice box
Condenser unit


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