March Projects so far...

The last few weeks have been busy.  We got a lot of jobs and chores completed while in the slip at Regatta Point Marina and at the anchorage off McLewis Bayou.  Although there are only days left in March, here are this month’s projects so far:

  • Hooked up and tested wind vane steering system (which is AWESOME and allows us to sit back and relax while the boat sails it self!).
  • Officially moved onto boat (clothes, toiletries, towels, etc. oh my!)

  • Finished galley plumbing (hooked up water bladder and water tank to galley sink and switch valves to choose source).
  • Modified stove counter with additional hinge to allow access to spices and free up counter top
Now the counter folds up and in on itself

 Yay!  Better utilization of space!

  • Moved into slip at Regatta Point to do some work requiring power supply and calm waters

  • Attached EPIRB to radar mast
 Now (and hopefully never) if we have to abandon ship, the Coast Guard can rescue us!

  • Picked up life raft from Winslow.  We still need to pack a ditch bag containing food rations (humans and dogs), but there are some useful things already in the life raft (water, flares, sunscreen, etc.). 

  • Re-rigged traveler and the main sheet with new blocks.  
 Ransom re-rigging the main sheet

 Much more functional, and no more tangled lines!

  • Fixed soft spot on deck with fiberglass and epoxy, sanded and painted.
 Freshly glassed

Another layer and ready to sand

 Freshly painted...now all it needs is some non-skid (aka sand)

  • Raised wind generator with a 8’ section of schedule 80 PVC pipe (now we can move freely without fear of getting sliced up).  However, the pole is not as sturdy as we thought it was going to be, so we ordered a mounting kit from the manufacturer (and are currently waiting on it’s delivery)
 No more risk of accidental blinding

Inside the dorade box
All together again, and water tight  ^_^

  • Serviced stuffing box by loosening bolts and adding white lithium grease.

  • Attached Furuno GPS and wired to nav station

The new equipment

  • Applied vinyl name and home port graphic to stern.
Positioning the name

Removing the paper

Placing the home port

"What are you doing down there?"

Removing the paper

We're official!!!!

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