First Sail

Sunday funday and you know what?  We sailed Vitte for the first time!  We motored to Desoto Point first to have lunch and test out the dogs’ life vests.

Getting suited up
All set!
"We can swim FOREVER!"
Ransom even had a warm solar shower after swimming

After a leisurely swim we decided to see how this baby sailed.  We pulled into the wind, raised the main sail, and were underway in no time.

Raising the main sail

Ransom wanted to raise the jib and see how she did with two sails, so again we turned into the wind and as Ransom began to raise the sail he turned to me with an unusual expression on his face…he had dislocated his shoulder again. 

This was one of the scariest experiences of my life.  We are under sail, it’s Sunday (TONS of boats on the water), and our half raised jib needs to come down because Ransom’s shoulder is out of socket.


Ransom managed to get the sail safely down and on deck with one arm and I managed to sail the boat without completely FREAKING OUT.  Once the sail was secure, Ransom came to the cockpit and I gently put his arm back in socket. 

After the first dislocation I paid CLOSE attention when the doctor put his arm back in.  It’s really simple and nothing like what you see on TV or in the movies (violent jerking and lots of screaming from the patient).  First you secure the patient (sit down and behave!) then you hold the arm at the elbow (keeping it close to the body) and the forearm.  Finally, you gently (and minutely) swivel the forearm and “POP” you just relocated a shoulder!  Ransom said I did a great job, not only keeping my cool and sailing the boat but also, putting his arm back in socket quickly and gently.  

Drama aside, sailing Vitte was AWESOME!!!  She handles very well and points true. 

I’m hooked

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