The Rest of February...aka week 15

After moving the boat into the river and spending the night, we still had work to do.  We hadn’t finished moving, and the ice box (although installed) wasn’t hooked up yet.  Not to mention all the other “to do’s” on the checklist…

This week’s projects:
  • Hooked up ice box and turned her on!
  • Insulated ice box in engine room using Styrofoam blocks and “Great Stuff”
  • Installed weather stripping on ice box hatch
  • Ran up main sail and folded on boom under sail cover
Swanky new sail cover
  • Organized aft cabin…why does it feel like this is always on our list of projects?

  • Took Vitte across the river to Regatta Point Marina for some diesel
  • Installed jib winches
Bolting to boat

Inner workings (wenches are actually pretty sophisticated)

Putting it all together
  • Sanded down soft spot on deck to see what’s going on…more to follow
  • Stocked up on food! 
  • Dropped off life raft for recertification

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