Life Aboard: Week 1

I’m a sensitive sleeper.  I like a firm bed and a dark and quiet room.  So usually my first night in a new place is, well, difficult.  As expected, I woke several times during the night trying to get comfortable (and subsequently banging a knee or elbow in the reduced space of the v-berth) or asking, “what was that noise?!” 

Our second night aboard fog began rolling in at around 9:30pm.  By 10pm the fog was so thick and so complete that you couldn’t see the lights from shore.  I was waiting for the Black Pearl to come sailing out of the fog demanding pieces of eight.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get a picture of the fog at night, but I got a decent shot the next morning (although it was not as dramatic).


By mid-week we had settled into a nice routine.  Wake up; take the dogs to shore, return to the boat with dogs and boxes.  Work all day; return to shore, feed humans, feed dogs, shower, and return to boat.  Watch Netflix, enjoy some rum, and then off to bed! 

I think he likes it out here  ^_^

Little Frejya

Watch dog

While watching Netflix Friday night our (wimpy) inverter let out its shrill beep to indicate a low battery level.  Ransom and I exchanged looks of confusion and scrambled to start the engine and recharge the batteries…no luck, wouldn’t crank.  The next day we unhooked the battery bank and took all four batteries to Auto Zone for testing…all 4 were bad.

On Saturday we got four new batteries, but a whole new set of issues.  The ice box is draining the batteries for two reasons:
  1. cold is escaping from somewhere
  2. the wind generator isn’t charging the batteries fast enough
Ok, no big deal.  We knew the wind generator needed to be raised in order to harness the most wind.  Right now it’s on a 4ft pole and it gets easily confused with changing winds, so we need to raise it for maximum harvest.

Too short

As for the insulation…more “Great Stuff” I guess.  We know the cabinets and drawers are way too cool, so it must be coming from there.

It’s always something…even when we get it all sorted out I’m sure something else will require maintenance. 

It's still better than land  ^_^

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