Launch...Part II

It sure was a bummer that we had to pull Vitte out of the water only days after launching her.  However, a misfortune as scary as a leak was most welcome in the marina versus in the middle of a cruise somewhere.

After Mike did some welding and Ransom installed the new transducer, we painted, caulked, and launched Monday (Feb 7th) afternoon. 

Back to slip 17, and more work before leaving the marina.

Lucky work week 13 saw some milestones!

  • We got our Florida driver’s licenses (Ransom's with a Mohawk)

  •  Finished caulking the head so we would not experience that leaky disaster from before
It looks like a space ship (but simple/easy to maintain)

  • Created a 24V battery bank for the windlass
Two new batteries for the one surviving piece of European hardware

  •  Installed lifelines (sorry no picture, but you'll see them plenty later)

  • Re-paneled aft cabin

  • Rigged and installed stove
Mmmmm, butane

We bolted it to a reinforced wood platform and mounted the old stove's swivel arms onto the platform

  • Galley plumbing
Yay!  Running water....sort of

  • Serviced old tail logger (found under floor boards opposite old transducer) with ospho and rust stop paint (no caulking required).
Ransom is actually working with the plumbing in this picture, but you can see the tail logger just above and to the right of his right hand

  • Mounted wind generator, ran cables, and installed breaker switch
Breaker switches for the wind generator and the ice box

  • Re-caulked forward hatch…after the major caulking job we still experienced some dripping in the v-berth; so I went back and got real detailed with it.

  • Installed macerator pump and switch

And most importantly…WE INTRODUCED THE DOGS TO VITTE!!!

They were excited!  I think they knew this was where we’d been disappearing to all day every day for the last 3 months.
They could not sit still and were very jumpy when people would walk by the boat.  They also whined and cried a lot if we were on deck and left them below in the cabin.

This is going to take some work…

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Drew said...

Ransom should always have that mohawk.