Week Four (Mon 11.22-Sun 11.28)

Thanksgiving was this week, so…not a lot of work was completed.

However, we did make progress on larger projects that we’ve been working on. 

This week's projects:

·    Wanted to step mast, but going to wait until boat in yard.

·    Finished removing Styrofoam from around old ice box to install a new one.

·    Removed hand pump faucet from galley and tested at home 

Pump action faucet...3 pumps = 1 cup

·     Started removing wires that aren’t connected to anything, removed batteries and battery switches, labeled wires, stripped nav station 

Battery Bank

Back of switchboard
Switchboard madness
More switchboard madness

·     Started testing engine wiring, found the 24V to 12V voltage regulator does diddly squat and decided to connect glow plugs (9V) directly to 12V power supply with new voltage regulators.

·     Painted rust eating primer under mast step in cabin, v-berth, stuffing box, and forward bulk head. 

Under mast step

Lauren painting under mast step

·    This rust eating (and plastic dissolving) primer is really nasty stuff (I have to wear mad scientist rubber gloves).  If you get it on your skin you have to wait for your cells to die and slough off the paint!
V-berth ceiling

·    Mapped wires and disconnected wires from control board


It might look messy, but this is a beautiful sight

·    Tested transducer, radar, and radio antennae…all working  ^_^

·    Connected windlass to 24V, chain comes in but does not go out.  The solenoid needs to be re-wired (no biggie).

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