Sunday Funday

Last Saturday I called my dad to check in and hear the news from SC.  He said, "I've been reading your blog and it sounds like you and Ransom have been working your butts off!"

This is a fact.

We did, however, implement a policy of taking one day off: Sunday Funday. 

This past Suday we went to a sand sculpture event on Bradenton Beach.  The theme was recycling, and the sculpture as you entered the competition really set the bar.

The Sunday before that we went to the Sarasota Medieval Fair (and forgot the camera).  It was super sweet!  They had tons of shows, vendors, food, and beer.  We saw a jousting match and a live version of chess that made you want to scream, "NERDS!" 

We had GIANT turkey legs for lunch and washed them down with grog served by wenches.  

The bar was set high on this first Sunday Funday, I hope we can keep it up  ^_^

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