Week One (Tue 11.2- Sun 11.7)

Once Vitte III was safely dry docked at Cut’s Edge Marina, we didn’t waste any time getting to work on her.  The first order of business was to create a nice shady work area by erecting the dodger and bimini.

Second order of business was removing EVERYTHING from the boat for inspection, and organization (one of my favorite things).

Inspecting the sails was one of the coolest jobs we’ve had on our “to do list.”  We cleared the driveway and, one by one, took each sail out of their bags to identify and assess their functionality. 
This is what we found:

·         New Main
·         Used Main (functional)
·         New Storm Jib
·         Functional Working Jib
·         Functional Genoa (130)
·         Functional Spinnaker (with "sock")
·         Working Jib (ripped at Clue)
·         180 Genoa (blown out)

Did I mention I love organizing things?  It must be the Virgo in me….luckily Ransom shares the same passion since we spent an entire work day organizing the hardware and loose tools that had accumulated over the last 40+ years.

The finished product of a day's worth of sorting

Nuts and bolts and screws, OH MY!!!

After clearing the boat of stuff, we poked around to familiarize ourselves, inspected the gadgets and hardware that remained, and prepped the interior to be painted.  

Framed painting on boat

Awesome lacquered print of colonial Barbados behind painting.
Cabin before
Scraped and taped

Taping and scraping

Nav Station before
Nav station after ripping all equipment out to be rearranged or scrapped.

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