Week Five

This week, like previous weeks, brought us closer to finishing larger goals.  However, all our progress towards fixing the engine hit a major road block...

I found this quote and I think it applies to week five:

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.  ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

We finally came to a halt with the engine repair.  Unfortunately the (dinosaur) Mercedes that came with the boat died on Sunday and we decided to purchase a new Yanmar.  It is possible to get the old diesel running, but she will nickel and dime us to death.  Plus, we would have to install a new engine eventually anyway, so why not put one in now and reap the benefits instead of having the Mercedes die on us inconveniently (‘cause you know that’s what will happen…Murphy’s Law).

So without further adieu, here are this week’s projects:

·     Found and repaired leak in tender, fortunately it was easily fixed with an additional rubber O-ring inserted at valve  ^_^

·     Serviced diesel filter, re-installed glow plugs and resisters…unfortunately when we tried to crank the engine (all) the oil bled out and that’s when we said eff it.

Ransom testing connections to engine

The dinosaur

·     Stripped obsolete wires and mapped electrical system

Much better

Stripped wires

·     Painted rust stop primer in and below head, water tank, chain locker, v-berth, and bilge
Below head


Water tank

V-berth, 1st coat

V-berth, 1st coat

V-berth, final coat  ^_^

V-berth, final coat down and ready for new panels!!

·     Cut panels for v-berth, head, and new electrical board


Little details

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