Entering Nassau Harbor

Nassau Harbor

We traveled to Nassau on Easter Monday and tied up at the Nassau Harbor Club.  We walked out to the street and were surprised to find bumper to bumper traffic and pedestrians crowding the sidewalks.  What’s going on?  Turned out there was a political rally and half of Providence Island turned out to attend it.  I regret not getting pictures of the mayhem…but here's a link to a picture of the rally, so just imagine all those people in red shirts clogging the main street.

The next morning we re-provisioned the boat, and after stowing everything we put on our swim suits and hopped a cab to Atlantis to experience their water park,"Aquaventure."

Atlantis is a lot like Vegas, except relaxed.  They both have glamorous shops, casino games, and overpriced drinks; but at Atlantis everyone is in resort wear or bathing suits. 

The water park was awesome!!!  Lots of slides, a (not so) lazy river, multiple aquariums, and delicious rum punches.

Our ride back to the marina was quite entertaining as well.  Our driver was HILARIOUS!  He had some good jokes an infectious laugh.  He even taught us some Bahamian phrases to try out.  ^_^

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