Crossing the Banks to Chub Cay

The trip from Bimini to Chub Cay required an overnight passage across the banks so that we would have daylight when both departing and arriving for navigation purposes. 

The forecast was promising, good wind and light seas, but around 1am the wind built up and so did the swell and we were soon getting soaked with spray.  Inside the cabin water was dribbling down the walls and one wave crashed right into the starboard dorade vent, giving the illusion that it was raining inside.  I was kept pretty busy below with towels mopping up and noting where water was coming in.  

We had been caught in the early arrival of a frontal system that brought with it two squalls and 8' seas.  Pointing hard into the seas we passed the entrance to Chub Cay, then  doubling back we ran with the sea as we entered the harbor. 

We made it to the Chub Cay Marina around 10:30am and the stability of a floating dock was most welcome.  After rinsing the boat and showering we took a much deserved nap.  ^_^

We spent the next day recovering from the passage, washing salty sheets, rinsing sails, and cleaning water from under hatches. 

After two nights at the marina we decided to travel in the company of another sailboat and try anchoring to save some money (Chub Cay Marina is $$$$).  We tried out two anchorages, but neither had good holding so we continued on to the Berry Island Club’s mooring field and grabbed a ball.  We were gearing up to take the dogs to shore when Ransom said, “I think our mooring just snapped!”  “You’re not serious,” I replied, but after looking around and getting my bearings I realized we were indeed adrift.  We started the engine, detached the ball and grabbed another mooring.  However, after sitting on the second mooring for an hour we realized we were better off at the marina, so at 6pm we untied and hauled back to safe harbor.  Imagine if our mooring snapped while we were sleeping!!!

S/V Bye Polar

Charles Squintsanblinks

It was a wise choice to leave that mooring field, turns out we were the second boat to snap a mooring that week!  Further down the islands we ran into other sailors with similar stories concerning uncomfortable conditions in the Berry Island Club’s mooring field.  One couple remembered us from that day and congratulated us on leaving; they said their night was filled with the sound of mooring ball banging on their hull.  Another said that he was constantly doing 360’s around his…a bit stressful.

We spent Easter Sunday on the beach with the dogs and good books…not a bad way to celebrate the rebirth of spring.

Chub Cay beach

Prints in the sand

Relaxing in the shade with a good book

Beach Debris

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