Big Majors

We departed Black Point for Big Majors on May 2nd, anchored, and loaded the dogs into the dinghy for a shore visit.  Fun fact about Big Majors, there are wild pigs, yeah, giant spotted, look like they stepped out of Bedrock, giant pigs.  They are quite the tourist attraction, because they will swim out to your boat looking for food!  And fool tourists feed them!

The beach we chose to take the dogs to was clear but wouldn’t you know as soon as we got closer a pig emerged from the bush and onto the beach.  The dogs spotted it and for a moment were confused, but soon Charlie started baying and howling and Rei whining and crying, both of them causing quite a scene in the dinghy.

Luckily there was another beach close by (but with people) so we took them there. 

The following day we returned to Thunderball Grotto for a slack low tide snorkel.  This time when we swam into the cave we continued through to the east opening and drifted north back around to the west entrance.


When I first approached the east side exit I was awestruck with how beautiful it was!  The light shining on colorful fish and coral, framed by the dark interior of the cave…quite a nice effect.

The exterior of the island was encrusted with an exceptionally healthy reef; it was so beautiful we took three laps around until the current got a little too strong to swim in the area.

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