Matacumbe Bight to Miami

Matacumbe Bight was such an awesome anchorage, but all good things must come to an end and after spending a week there we started towards Miami.

Approaching the bridge

Passing under the bridge

Channel #5, not to be confused with the perfume

Our first stop was Key Largo and we had plenty of company at the anchorage.

Key Largo Sunset

We departed Key Largo at first light the next day and anchored in Card Sound later that afternoon.

The anchorage we chose in Card Sound was awesome! There was a deserted island to take the dogs to, snorkeling, and a gorgeous sunset to finish the day.

The island we named “Trash Island” since it was covered in bottles and other miscellaneous items washed up from peoples’ boats.

Bottles and cans


Barnacled mangrove roots

First bridge to the keys, Route 1

Rei rolling in something stinky

After one night in Card Sound we headed for Miami and anchored in the Marine Stadium.

It was really cool to arrive in a major city by boat, no traffic jams, no misguided GPS taking you through the ghetto, just other boaters enjoying the beautiful day.

Approaching Miami

Miami harbor

Really awesome boat anchored nearby

Marine Stadium bleachers. They used to race boats here but now it's just an anchorage.

View of the city from the boat

Miami at night

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