Crossing: Fort Myers to Key West

We departed Fort Myers around 9:30 am on Monday (2/27) and sailed through the night to Key West.

Ransom at the helm, Fort Myers Skyway in the background

There were storms over land, but we only felt a short sprinkle of rain.
The wind, however, was not cooperative…the NOAA forecast was for 10-15 knots from the east/northeast, but what we got was a teeny little breeze out of the southeast with 4ft side to swell.
Not fun…the wind was too weak to push us, and the swell was so strong we had to keep the mainsail raised to act as a roll stabilizer, so we ended up running the motor the entire trip (bummer).
Safety gear

The Gulf of Mexico is beautiful.  We saw the sun set, transforming the turquoise waters into shades of orange; the stars come out, creating inky black water you can only hear; and then sun rise, gray skies and slate colored seas eventually returning to the beautiful turquoise I love.

Gulf waters


Captain Ransom

Uncomfortable pups

First mate Lala

The most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen.

We reached the channel into Key West around 10:30 am on Tuesday (2/28) and immediately had a snip of rum in celebration.
The wind was strong and true to our course within the approaching channel and we were finally able to raise the sails, kill the motor, and harness the wind. 


The Key West Express from Fort Myers...probably departed that same morning...show offs  :P

Mallory Square

Charlie looking at the Naval complex

Looking for a mooring ball

So glad to be in calmer waters

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